Mario from Stupid Mario Brothers The Movie ACT I Part 1

Mario is one of the most important characters in the series and is acted by Richard Michael Alvarez. He doesn't have a mustache because it is supposed to be a younger version of the popular Nintendo character. His first appearance was in the first episode of the series. He is Luigi's (acted by Christopher Anthony Muller) brother, and Rich and Chris are good friends outside of the series.


Mario's role in the series was a rather large one. He was one of the main characters and appeared in almost every episode. He was probably the most important character.


Mario was also a huge factor in the Movie. He was probably the most important character, and even had an alternate form after he got the artifact (Fire Flower). He single handedly defeated Mr. L (Luigi's alter-ego) and had an alter-ego himself, Shadow Mario. He has appeared in every ACT, and every Part of every ACT.

Fire Flower Mario

Mario's alternate form after getting the artifact (Fire Flower)