Episode 1

The intro to the first season of Stupid Mario Brothers

Stupid Mario Brothers is a YouTube series Directed and Written by Richard Michael Alvarez, and based on the idea by Christopher Anthony Muller and Matthew Thomas Provencal. It is a direct parody to popular Nintendo games, like Mario, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, ect. The series has achieved popularity and fame, and as of January 2010, the YouTube account that posts the videos, Richalvarez, has over 51,000 subscribers.

Stupid Mario Brothers (Series) PlotEdit

The plot is pretty simple. It's just Mario and his friends running around and having fun. At some parts it is serious, though, and a villian named Nox Decious does get in Maio's way.


The YouTube series Stupid Mario Brothers was apparently thought up around 4 years ago, when Richard Michael Alvarez and Christopher Anthony Muller went to go line up to buy Nintendo's newest console, the Wii, according to the video Stupid Mario Brothers F.A.Q. They decided to dress up as Mario and Luigi (Rich as Mario and Chris as Luigi) for Halloween and as they went to go buy the system. (They dressed in the same costumes you see today in the show.) The costumes got a good reaction when they lined up, so Chris thought of doing the show, but Rich refused. A year later, Chris and their friend, Matthew Thomas Provencal, went to Rich and told him their idea of Super Teenage Mario Brothers. This led to the filming of the first episode a month later. As Rich was editing the episode, though, he thought it was so stupid that he would rename the series Stupid Mario Brothers instead of Super Teenage Mario Brothers.